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I bring to you today my first photo-shoot for a brand, Crew Clothing to be exact, I felt that as it was their idea to promote the colour blue, that I would chose from their catalogue which contained an array of smart and casual clothing such as a Navy Rugby shirt and a Navy Jacket.

So concentrating on the Navy Rugby shirt, I felt it would be a sensible item of clothing to kick start my blog with. I personally own quite a few pieces of crew, which I have accrued from over the years. I have a tendency to find myself in their shops more often that not considering purchasing another item to expand my wardrobe.

I was very impressed and happy upon the arrival of the shirt as it looked even better than the catalogue picture has shown, good quality and hard wearing.

I feel it is nothing less than I expect from a British born brand, with a strong and timeless heritage over the past 100 plus years, this influences my choice when it comes to this type of clothing. As I am ever expecting as a British gent a full blooded and reliable clothing range to wear for my day to day travels.

David Crew 28734

David Crew 348736

David Crew 3487346

David Crew 34873487

There is to be the second part of the Crew Clothing which will be a Jacket (Part 2) – following soon.

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