A Walk On The Beach

A trip to Wales resulted in a journey through the beautiful countryside. Scarlett and I, with camera in hand came across a golden beach which was practically deserted, surprised that on one of the first sunny days of the year (when I say sunny – it was sunny for about an hour) not many people were about. So taking advantage of this situation we felt it would be time for some snaps.

Below are a selection of pictures in my new Navy Commuter Jacket from Crew Clothing.

David Coat 34763

The coat itself was a good fit and very comfortable, with very usefully positioned pockets which are quite deep. I do find that Crew Clothing consistently produce items of high quality, which is a reason I keep on going back to them. This is the kind of item that is easy to throw on with any combination, practically keeping you warm while also looking rather stylish.

David Coat 45836534

The hood of the jacket is neatly tucked away at the nape of the neck, hidden under a zipped compartment – which gives you the flexibility to wear it as you wish.

David Coat 345243

David Coat 459836254

Ready for a trip to the beach, the jacket is both wind and splash proof so if you’re attempting to brave the elements, you’ll want this on standby.

David Coat 348756265

Over all it was a fantastic day and a great back drop for some of the pictures taken that day. Wales never ceases to amaze me.


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The jacket was sent to me for the purposes of review, however as always, my views and opinions are all my own.


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