The bag of choice for travel

The bag of choice for travel – Berghaus Ridgeway Rucksack

Having carried, packed and unpacked my fair share of rucksacks whilst serving 5 years within the Royal Marines I can very much appreciate the need for quality, space and robustness. This rucksack has it all – with ample room for all of your essentials. Whether your going on holiday or travelling for 6 months I would definitely recommend it.

The whole experience of travelling around Thailand was amazing, this was my second time of going there and what a fantastic time we had. Suitcases were definitely not on the agenda when visiting such a place, so the rucksack was a must.

Berghaus Ridgeway 65+10L Rucksack

The space

65 litres of room are available with a further 10 litres with a few small adjustments and all of a sudden you have a 75 litre rucksack. Easy.

The fit

With well placed straps on the rucksack for small adjustments which are more than necessary for when carry different loads over differing terrain and over longer distances. It offers BIOFIT back system which allows it to take the pressure of parts of your back which will become weak when carrying loads over longer distances. Resulting in a perfect fit to the curvature your spine and allowing for the weight to be placed over the hips and shoulders. With a pre-curved hip best for even better comfort and stability of the bag. The bag is adjustable for different sizes.


The robustness

With its double stitching throughout the rucksack you will have no problems with ripping or splitting under heavy weight or if your bag gets thrown around by the airport staff.

The weight

At only 1.81 Kg empty, I could safely say when we were half way around Thailand on my holiday with Scarlett I must have been carrying close to 80 lbs of clothes, camera equipment, water and gifts we had accumulated. So the bag has a good ability to carry moderately heavy weights.



Sleek, not in your face, just a bag that does everything that it says on the tin. It has all that you need and does not disappoint.

Additional extras

Compatible with a hydration system, with two expandable side pockets and a rain cover in order for your kit to stay dry. There’s a top lid pocket which I found very handy for items such as camera attachments and the go pro.  You can also separate your gear with the bivi divider at the base of the bag. A chest strap is also provided which is removable.

The brand itself

Berghaus has been a stable in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration for a good number of years and everyone and anyone that happens to be talking about them and their products know of the level of quality you are getting with each product.


Scarlett opted for the female variant which you can view on her blog

The bag itself was a great asset to the trip and helped us around our adventure to Thailand and back. I would definitely recommend the rucksack if you are thinking of purchasing one in the near future. You simply cannot go wrong with the quality this brand offers.


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