My Story So Far

I’ve been blogging for a few months now, but in that time – I realised I haven’t actually posted anything about myself that would allow you to get to know me a bit better. So with this in mind, I thought I’d put together a little bit of background information – my story so far. I suppose a bit of my background history will be a bit of a surprise to you, because it’s a far cry from blogging – but hopefully, it will be an interesting insight into another world and help you understand where I am today!

After leaving high school in 2007, my dream was to pursue a career in the Royal Marines. Which is an elite fighting force that is revered around the world, however after a trip to the careers office at the age of 15 and 9 months which was the earliest age I could of enlisted at, I was swiftly told to come back when I weighed about 20kg more, at that point I was at a very lean 63 Kg, this obviously meaning a slight set-back in my plans to try and complete the hardest basic military training in the world. Not being to disheartened by the prospect of adding basically a third of my the current body weight I took the opportunity to go to college and study. I was not interested in university however to please my mum I studied a subject which both tailored to my needs of joining the Uniformed Public Services, and getting the required UCAS points that were desired if university would materialise in the future. The course that I did, I enjoyed and it was a definite eye opener to how each service works. Although I was never going to change my dream, after 2 years at college I found myself 21kg heavier and just as lean. After training hard 6 days a week and eating LOTS. I found myself back at that same careers office. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I applied, was told to come down to the south west and passed my 4 day course down at CTCRM (Commando Training Centre Royal Marines) in Lympstone. After training had passed and I finally passed the hard challenges and exercises put in front of me I was drafted to 40 CDO RM (40 Commando Royal Marines in the camp for the Marines in Taunton, Somerset). To which I joined a fighting company and took part in PDT (Pre-deployment Training) in order to be sent to Afghanistan the following year. Something which unfortunately for me would never materialise as 2 days before deploying in 2012 I was medically downgraded by the medical centre for my Arthritis. However after sulking for nearly 3 months I found myself hitting the gym again and getting fitter and stronger, whilst working around my knee problem. I was sent to Cyprus in order to help out with the R&R (Rest and Recuperation). After 3 months of that, which was more than enough I found myself back at 40 CDO RM, Taunton, Somerset, I placed myself into the rehabilitation troop in order for things to settle down. They didn’t and I was up for being medically discharged from the Royal Marines. Something which I knew would be deep down an eventuality… But life goes on and I feel as though it was just another challenge that lay ahead of me. So I did some courses and went to different places to get some work experience, this paid off as I kept my mind active and made sure that I was prepared for leaving in the best possible way.

Unfortunately after a long fight with myself about my knee and the arthritis I had developed in it after the intense and enduring fitness that the Marines demands of you, I finally decided after a few years of ignorance to allow myself to realise that I could no longer get through the pain and discomfort of having this problem I realised that I was doing more harm than good to myself staying in. With a career which was faulted by injury and rehabilitation I made the toughest decision I have ever had to make and believe that I ever will make. That was giving up on my dream (the dream was no longer realistic). However after months of myself not being happy with the situation I realised that feeling sorry for yourself gets you no where and the only route was out. A decision that I do not regret, there is more to life than the military and with a very tame approach to peace keeping and conflicts around the world (nothing going on). I feel I got out at the right time, after speaking to many friends and acquaintances from the military, especially the Marines – we all have the same opinion of what is best and how it was a fantastic life changing experience, one which I would implore anyone who is curious to look into it and if they are really keen then give it a good go. You will not regret it, it’s a life experience like no other and you learn vast amounts of transferable skills that you will not even realise until later on.

Eight days after leaving the Royal Marines I found myself in a new job, in Health and Safety – which of course was a total contrast to what I had been doing before.

Now nearly a decade on from when I first left school, I find myself in a very different situation and lifestyle than I ever expected to end up in. I initially wanted a full length service career in the Royal Marines but I’m now a guy who is enjoying the finer things in life and working in a totally opposite environment to which I once was. I’m now working in a Health & Safety field and blogging and getting to grips with Instagram. Rather than being on camp at the weekends as a camp orphan, who is someone who doesn’t travel home often and usually resides on camp for the entirety of the week, month, year. I now find myself going to the BAFTA’s and London Fashion Week, along with trips to Thailand and stays in castles, food reviews in top end restaurants to which I feel very lucky and privileged to do so. It has shown me that there really is more to life however weird it is saying that now. Plus all the saving I did whilst in the Marines and the help of my new job in Health and Safety has resulted in me being able to buy my first house.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my favourite person – Scarlett and spending probably close to 99% of my free time with her has been the highlight of my year along with all the exciting and lovely situations we have ended up in. In the near future in 2017 I am hopefully going to pursue photography as my next career and dedicate more time to my blog as it has taken a back seat with the house consuming most of my time – blog post coming soon on my house and also how to save for your very first home.

Photography is something that I have always enjoyed and I feel as though I have never needed prompting to get my camera out at any given opportunity as I would always be at the ready, it is something that I thoroughly enjoy and take satisfaction from when I get Scarlett the pictures she envisioned. I feel like i have a good eye for detail and good sense of the angles and type of pictures needed in different situations. Lucky me – I was in receipt of a very lovely Canon for my birthday from Scarlett so I better put it to good use.

Taking satisfaction out of other people happiness is something I react well to, as I love to make people happy. So if I can take pictures for them and hopefully very good pictures at that then maybe I can help them be happy forever when they revert back to a lovely or fantastic memory within the photos from their special day or any other project that I may have the pleasure of working on. I have always done challenging jobs in which I appease other people, I think now it’s time for me to be happy whilst working hard and diligently to achieve the same from my clients in the future.

Oh and one last note, Scarlett and I have signed up to the gym so watch out for some potential abs in 2017 or maybe some very flattering lighting. Happy new year to all.



    • yourbritishgent
      March 19, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Thank you. Yes exactly that, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Life is full of challenges, I’m sure there will be more.

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