How to enjoy Disneyland Paris as a 26 year old man

When it comes to travelling abroad I can’t say I went very far afield as a child, however I am definitely catching up on travel now. With Disneyland Paris pretty much slipping past me on my radar for quite a few years I thought what a great opportunity it was to go and see what all the hype was about when I was younger. Another temptation to the trip was to be able to big kid again.



I’ve always heard good things about Disney and one of my friends actually went as recently as December 2016 and has booked tickets to go back this year. So based off that recommendation I thought what better place to have a short break.

Buying tickets for the park is obviously a necessity and I would highly recommend you doing this before you go, not only will you save around a third of the price on the standard on the door price you also won’t have to worry about carrying the extra cash on you or waiting in the long queue to receive them. We got our tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct, who offer a 3 day 2 park hopper deal which allows you to jump between the Studios and the park itself during the day.

So our tickets ended up costing £127 which you’ll be glad to hear is a lot cheaper than if you buy on the door, you could end up paying anything up to 90 Euro for just one day. So to cover the entire 3 day hopper ticket is a very reasonable and affordable price. Gaining the tickets will be made easy by receiving them via email, just print them and change them for the electronic tickets in order to gain access to the park and studios.


The Magic

You truly don’t have to be six years old to appreciate the magic that has gone into the towering pink castle.

The cartoon inspired shops will amaze you and also the contents within them with hundreds if not thousands of toys and memorabilia that you can take away with you to remember your trip as a big kid to Disneyland Paris.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a must see while you’re there too!



Seeing the level of detail that is put into everything is something you will come to admire – from the characters within your favourite childhood cartoons and films to the way they have designed the buildings and rides.


Roller-coasters take centre stage for a large proportion of the park and you will spend all day on some of the more exhilarating and then basque in the ambience of the more chilled and calm rides.


Food is a must throughout the time you spend in the park, with restaurants a plenty dotted around the place you will be pleasantly surprised at all is on offer. Again all of the Disney inspired characters and films along with the Walt Disney studios runs deep within all of the restaurants just to make your stay all the better. It’s quite surprising the array and vastness of characters and films that make up Disney.

If you’re looking for a relaxing evening or even throughout the day you just want that bit you time then they even provide a cinema on site with a selection of films with all your snacks and treats to take in with you.

Final say

Would I go again? Well I would say I would love to experience the other Disneyland’s in America to get different take on the whole themed park experience and see what they had to offer as I have only again heard wonderful things.Plus I must admit the weather does sound more appealing if you’re one who likes to travel to the sun from our unfortunately rather chilly England.



Disneyland Paris



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