Señor Ceviche, Kingly Court – London

When walking through London you can’t fail to find restaurants dotted around everywhere you look, along with the big designer shops and unique attractions that London has it also possesses its fair share of places for foodies like Scarlett and I.

Some are not apparent and you find yourself looking around for the more hidden restaurants. Searching our capital for new experiences is what we both love to do. Trying new foods led us to want to taste the delights of Peruvian BBQ, and soon enough we stumbled upon Señor Ceviche.

The restaurant decor, menu and atmosphere itself is in the style of urban Lima, the capital of Peru. With the addition of the Peruvian style food, pisco cocktails and cerviche, which is a popular seafood dish that is readily available in Latin America’s coastal regions, made from fished fresh raw fish and after that they add locally sourced fruit – typically citrus juices and then ají or chilli’s peppers.


The restaurant is not only stylish but has a very chilled but upbeat vibe to it, the native Peruvian/Latin music is a nice touch, the background music really makes the experience all that more authentic. It creates a lively environment with great food on offer, which is available on their vast menu.


Ordering will be difficult, simply due to the vast array of appetite wetting options – it’s certainly a place that really gets all of the taste-buds going.

The staff were very helpful and pleasant while explaining what each dish contained, the cocktails are presented in a very lavish way which will make you want to try them all, laced with sugar around the rim of the glass and complimenting it with a slice of melon, which is carefully placed onto the edge of the cocktail for Scarlett’s concoction.


I always try to go for the colourful mix’s and they sure do have the most flamboyant of cocktails. Very refreshing especially after a few hours of shopping around the high-street. Fruity and typical citrus flavours from the roots of Latin America, Scarlett and I always talk about where the pursuit of cocktails may possibly take us as we have both expressed a desire to travel lots and the America’s is somewhere neither of us have explored!


With appetisers and snack foods arriving just before the starters and main courses we just couldn’t wait much longer!




Without hesitation I went for the flat iron steak which was to die for, you could taste the Latin influence throughout the food, with that said I couldn’t get enough and quite literally ate for two people on my own.


I’m a big lover of pork belly and if you are too then this will be the place for you, served to you on a platter and covered in cress, spring onion and red jalapenos.


Perfect sides to match, as Scarlett and I eat way too many sweet potato fries, however it just finished the meal off wonderfully.


If I’m ever in the centre of London again then I will be sure to re-visit, you probably couldn’t get closer to an authentic experience other than visiting the Latin countries themselves which we have both vowed to do over the next few years.

Senor Ceviche



  1. February 8, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    That food looks incredible! I always go to big “well known” places when in London! Really need to start finding the hidden gems! This is definitely one I need to try!

    • yourbritishgent
      February 12, 2017 / 3:59 pm

      Definitely mate, it’s a very well rounded experience, make sure you get round to going and let me know how you found it!

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