Pan Chai – Harrods

LFW was a chilled affair this year as Scarlett and I just wanted to chill out and enjoy all that comes with a trip to London at the time of the United Kingdoms biggest fashion event.

From a few photo-shoots for Scarlett down some pretty London side streets in Soho to a couple of new videos on our new Canon Powershot G7 X vlogging camera. The camera is a must buy if you’re looking for something compact that you can quite literally fit in your pocket, along with all of its features which will make your life so much easy once coming to editing the footage. Brilliant in low light environments and will always get you sharp results.

In order to not to get to consumed with fashion shows we decided a trip to Knightsbridge would add to our lovely day.

Visiting London meant a trip to Harrods is a must as I love to look around the stalls and see what I can’t afford but would love too! One day maybe I will have enough spare cash to purchase myself a Brunello Cucinelli Corduroy Suede Bomber Jacket or maybe a Burberry Fox and Shearling Trimmed Cashmere Parka, however for now I can dream. I think for now I will have to stick to my Ralph Lauren’s and Diesel brands which I do love so not I’m complaining.

What a wonderful place to go though with so much choice on offer in one place and as I’m sure you are all aware those of you have been before that shopping at Harrods or simply browsing could last you an entire day if you were to go through every stall and store.


Finding ourselves hungry again, surprise surprise – we ventured to the Pan Asian restaurant within the Luxury department store. Greeted by friendly staff we were sat at the table which backs onto the food court in which there are some serious foodies making the most of their time in Harrods. Both staring at and buying some amazing looking chocolates and sweets, a definite must for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Back to the Asian cuisine – there is a heavy theme of seafood at this restaurant as you would come to expect from the Asian culture with plenty of rice and soy sauce to compliment it.


Having been to Thailand before twice I have tried to immerse myself in their delicacies and always came out smiling whether it being seafood or simply a traditional dish. The freshness and flavours are second to none when it comes to Asian food and I feel the Thai’s do it the best.

It was no different on this occasion either, fresh lobster, crab and king prawns presented right in front of you when you first take a seat.

The menu is vast an suitable for all types of people, I would recommend on trying the Grilled Plum Sea Bass as Scarlett and I both agreed that it was the best we had ever sampled, and we have definitely been through our fair share. Melt in the mouth is how I would describe the dish, and we just wanted more and more.


Realising that we had other food to sample we opted for the Beef Rendang (Rendang Daging) cooked with coconut milk and Awana blended herbs, which to you and me was a very spicy beef curry, both tasty and good quality.

I couldn’t actually finish it all as it was a very tasty meal but a rather large and deep bowl of endless quality beef and spicy sauce.


Another favourite of mine was on offer which was the menu was the Chicken Teriyaki, a simple meal with tender chicken portions lathered in a Teriyaki sauce, a very good addition to their sushi rice served in a authentically designed Asian bowl with the accommodation of plenty of soy sauce in what looked to be a tea pot which was different.

Our final dish of the day was the Chicken Medallion which was marinated in Korean Chilli oil, which made for a rather spicy dish, however very moreish and tasty with it being cooked in fruit juice and seasoned with herbs and the spicy bulgogi sauce.


All of these delicious dishes we had the luxury of sampling were washed down with a Singha beer while Scarlett opted for the Bellini.



The entire meal the employees of Pan Chai London were extremely accommodating and polite to us on our short yet tasty stay. Another lovely restaurant ticked off our ever growing list of places to eat in London.

Maybe this place could be Scarlett and I’s traditional stop off when visiting for LFW. Do you have a long-established and regular place your love to go to when eating in and around London?

Pan Chai, London



  1. March 6, 2017 / 7:20 am

    Food also has their own fashion! Because you are what you wear and also you are what you eat. And I like the photo you post! It makes the food look like has a delicate and subtle flavour.

    • yourbritishgent
      March 6, 2017 / 9:14 pm

      Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it! More to come soon and many more exciting food pictures. Hopefully I recreate the delicate and subtleness in the future.

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