My MINI Romance

Being a big car lover and an automotive spotter of the slightly more expensive supercar, an opportunity to work with Mini UK was an unbelievable chance to give my take on the stylish and dynamically modern Mini Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman.

Something that I haven’t ever had the luxury of experiencing and which instantly made me realise that Mini has really upped their game over the years was the heads up display that the brand new Clubman model boasts. It really impressed me that modern cars are reaching their technological prime.

This is a very exciting time for every person that falls in love with the iconic and ever lasting Mini – which much like Porsche – has only ever refined itself and stayed true to it’s origins, no matter what the current climate and advancements within the car world.

The iconic and classic design which has not vastly changed however the name-sake of the brand is not quite so ‘mini’ now, which I really don’t see as a bad thing and I don’t think others will either, this is a car with quality and space throughout.

From the purity of the Harman/Kardon sound system to the smooth and seamless 8 speed Automatic gearbox that will get you from stand still to 62mph in rather quick 7.2 seconds yet still maintains its more than reasonable and quite honestly brilliant 58.9 Mpg (combined).


This means you won’t be filling up with Diesel for an impressive 500 miles while in Eco mode!

The Sport, Mid and Eco mode is another fantastic idea from the guys at Mini, having the choice of 3 makes for a flexible driving experience and gives you the ability to shift through the gears slowly and smoothly.

Or if you’re trying to get the most out of the 2.0-litre turbo Diesel engine for an optimum go-kart experience. This is easily dictated by the driver by a simple movement of the trim situated around the automatic gearbox.

With additional extras aplenty such as the reversing camera, which I tested extensively while driving in Suffolk, navigating the very narrow lanes and squeezing into the tight spaces that the British seaside and countryside pose.

Nice new aerodynamic modifications have been introduced subtly to the car in order to reduce drag and add an edge to the body work.

Aforementioned, this has yet again shown that the guys at Mini have retained the classic looks, yet they continue to refine their model further in order to make it stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace.

The paintwork and racing lines down the bonnet would make a normal car look wrong and it just wouldn’t work, however Mini have forged this look over a number of years and a number of models.

Ever since the original classic design launched, this has been their a signature feature, which really makes the difference and cements their iconic status.

Comfort is a must when you’re parting with £27,510, the seats and space that this model provides certainly lived up to that price.

The white leather interior looked amazing and far from garish or unsightly, in fact, I would have used the words ‘classy’ and ‘expensive’ with detailed stitched leather and a sleek shaped headrest, with seats that hug you just right.

The centre console and speedometer is well designed and lights up very nicely when in low light along with all the buttons in the cockpit.

ALL4, what does this mean?

Well four wheels are better than two and in this case, it’s no different.

The four-wheel system affords you the comfort of knowing that you are safe no matter what the weather, with traction and stability on the forefront of the cars reason for having the AWD system.

The power has been spread dynamically through the front and rear axles, allowing for even the most extreme conditions to be undertaken by the car, with the computer system deciding on what is best suited.

Another super cool feature and I don’t need to sugar coat this – the illuminated door bezels in the interior and the exterior handles project a sharp and clear image of the Mini logo onto the floor beneath, to help guide you to your car even in low light situations.

Situations that you might in fact find yourself in when driving this car, as you won’t want to get out of it until it runs out of fuel and the petrol stations are closed.

Brilliant and impressive, what a classy touch, I felt like Batman with the illuminated call-sign of the Bat in the sky, only my alternative was a logo on the floor. Pretty cool!

Would I buy this car?

Honestly prior to this, I didn’t have a whole load of expectations about Mini as a brand.

To me, it retained iconic status for it’s British heritage and classic design however both Scarlett and I agree that the car impressed us enormously and the romance of our time spent with it grew throughout the weekend.

We had the luxury of borrowing it for our seaside retreat which we both enjoyed even more so due to the comfort, performance and pleasure which ensued from our long and lovely journey to east coast of England.

It made what is usually a boring ‘journey’ to get from A to B, an adventure in itself.

In truth, I wished it would have lasted A to Z.




  1. March 9, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    Wow this Mini looks insane! I used to have a cooper but this is on the next level! Great photos BTW mate!

    • yourbritishgent
      March 9, 2017 / 9:23 pm

      It was a real gem mate, would love to have it again for another week or two. Awesome what do you drive now? Would you go back to owning a Mini? Thanks dude!

      • March 9, 2017 / 9:39 pm

        I went from my Mini to a VW and now I have a Smart ForFour (needed something echo and cheap to run as I’m in the process of saving to buy a flat) would love to get another mini in a few years! But for now it’s all about cheap and cheerful! Loved my mini though! Black with red leather interior 👌🏽

        • yourbritishgent
          March 10, 2017 / 9:29 pm

          Ahhhh nice, I do like VW’s how was the smart forfour? I have never had the chance to get behind the wheel of one?

          It’s a long process saving mate, but all worth it in the end, I love being a home owner. Something to aim for your future then, house then Mini. Sounds lush 👌🏼

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