East of England Retreat

With winter almost over and spring very nearly upon us, what better way to visit the English coast while it is quiet and serene. Instead of the busy periods it endures when there is the three days of sunshine we have in the entire year.

Luckily for me I was able to drive a Mini a few hours through the countryside and dual carriage ways till we hit our destination of Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Suddenly no matter the weather conditions it became a very exciting and memorable trip.

Why Suffolk? Well it’s not somewhere either me or Scarlett have been and we were both keen to explore what is our at times very beautiful country.

Instantly we were presented with bright colours of the houses, pinks, whites, blues and greens, the list goes on but the properties made for a very pretty surrounding to our visit.

The sea was a bit to cold to venture into this time of year and to be honest most of the year isn’t too different. However a walk along the beach was a must even if it was a stoney beach, suitably named Stoney Beach.

Locals are very pleasant few and far between as I’m guessing the time of year doesn’t really attract the British beach pursuer, although every person we met was very polite and seemed to be loving their town without the hustle and bustle of the holiday makers.

A small coastal town which has all of you need for a quiet and relaxing weekend away, no matter the time of year.

If history is your thing then there is plenty on offer such as the historic buildings that make up a lot of the town – Moot hall, the scallop and the WW2 tank trap can all be viewed when visiting.

The hotels lined the beach and with a fantastic view of the horizon and the sea quite literally crashing gently on the stoney beach about four meters away at high tide away from the hotel it made for not only a great night sleep with the soothing waves relaxing us both but also a realisation that the weekend had begun and what a lovely weekend it was.

Brudenell hotel which is a 4 star accommodation offering and allows you to have that immersive beach weekend experience with the seaside quite literally on your doorstep.

Downstairs in the spacious foyer is an ample sized restaurant which has a fantastic 2 AA Rosette award-winning seafood and grill menu on offer, packed with tasty and high end quality food.

On our first night I was rather hungry and opted for the tempting and taste-bud tingling shin of beef, with vegetables and smooth mash potato. It was a difficult choice due to the plethora of delicious items on offer but one I did not regret and neither did I expect to. It was a good sized portion which filled me up after not consuming a meal for over 7 hours after a busy day at the office.

Scarlett eventually decided on the rather tasty looking and sounding sea bass which she thoroughly enjoyed.

I didn’t just have one main however, something I didn’t tell you was that I actually sampled a very sizeable portion of mussels in garlic sauce and a mackerel pate, it definitely complimented the main and went down very nicely.

Once fed and happy after a peppermint tea for Scarlett and a well deserved chilled beer for me, we then made our way back to the bedroom in which a very neat and simple room awaited our return and not too shortly after, we fell asleep on the comfy bed.

Waking up to the sound of the waves (as we had left the window slightly open overnight) afforded us a very relaxing morning in bed before realising that breakfast was over we ran down the stairs quite literally in order to not miss it.

Breakfast was composed of a range of fruit, fruit juice and cereals presented in large bowls, however me being me I couldn’t go for the more ordinary bran flakes and milk, I instead made the most of being able to enjoy a tasty breakfast meal instead of the normal porridge with water…

…So Scottish smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and an English muffin was delightfully enjoyed with a glass of fresh apple juice.

Returning to the bedroom to gather our ever growing photography equipment and our jackets, we soon ventured outside into the cold however warmed by the lovely breakfast we had just consumed.

Off to the Mini we went, excited by the prospect of driving it around the picturesque place we had the luxury of spending our weekend in. A quick photo-shoot later and few vlogging clips taken on Scarlett’s new Canon Powershot G7 X which again impressed us with its low level light ability and clarity, we took the car for a spin.

First testing the off road ability with its ALL4 drive system on a rather treacherous off the beaten path road which handrails itself along the beach front, which it easily handled, the AWD capability truly holds the road and even those off road situations you may come across, you’ll be safe in the notion that it will look after your no matter the weather condition or road condition.

Driving it was a real pleasure, through the town, countryside and narrow lanes that line most seaside destinations consist of.

Aesthetically stylish and sleek, heads often turned as we whizzed past and we often smiled when seeing our reflection in the windows, behind the wheel of such a fantastic car.

Returning the car to the hotel after further videos and pictures, we looked to see what the town had to offer, although maybe ignoring the fact it was almost certainly cold, we simply couldn’t resist the temptation of the local ice cream parlour, which a seaside break just isn’t complete without. A sprinkle dipped waffle cone and a generous scoop of mint choc chip!

Aldeburgh has a lot of character, it is quaint, yet modern and affords you that quiet, pretty and relaxing weekend retreat experience that let’s be honest – we all deserve and need from time to time.


The Brudenell Hotel


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