Sea Spice – Exotic Indian Cuisine

Where do I begin?

Exploring the menus on offer throughout the British isles and further afield is a passion of mine, there’s no hiding it I love a big hearty meal and yet I also welcome a health conscious light meal.

Having to choose where and what to go for is always the most important and tricky choice of the day.

Restaurants that I have never even considered or heard about appeal to me greatly and I came across an absolute gem, which you just need to hear about!

Being in the seaside town of Aldeburgh and working up quite an appetite on our visit around the shops and to the historic places that makes up this charming part of the country.

Indian cuisine is by far my favourite type of food and that is only matched by Thai styled flavours and dishes.

So what better place to visit that the towns well renown, simply brilliant and appropriately named restaurant – Sea Spice which lured me with their title of ‘Exotic’ and ‘Spice’.

When it comes to authentic Indian food it quite simply does not get any better, Scarlett and I agreed that it was most definitely the best food we had ever tried and would ever make arrangements to come back again just to sample some more food. It is quite literally that special.

The restaurant itself affords you ample space, a clean blend of Suffolk reared and caught meats with a distinct Indian mix of herbs and spices entangled in the south Indian prepared food to order.

Everything is done right and will great options on offer, you will be stuck on what to order, however I went for the recommended choice of 1/2 Tandoori Chicken which was marinated in yogurt and Indian Spices which was truly delectable.

Rice, pressed and left to ferment over night, then fried while onions and peppers are introduced into the starter which was something that I have never tried before, but did it impress me.

Tasty, full of flavour and to which flavours I have never tried before, mouth watering stuff!

Obviously we made the most of the evening, ordering three starters to share, along with our two main courses.

Scarlett who is a bit scared of spice chose the chicken jalfrezi, she having not enough superlatives to describe the dish as it was that tasty.

My 1/2 Tandoori Chicken which was accompanied by rice, peshwari naan and a beer 1936 Lager (4.7 ABV) – 330ML From Switzerland. A craft lager that is very crisp and clean with a slight sweetness to wash all the amazing food down. Craving more and more of the beautiful food we had been served we then moved onto desert.

Desert was different – but a good different, a menu filled with choice that would make anyone make room for a final course regardless of the previous starters and mains. Opting for the Gulab Jamun which translates to heaven! No it really is that good, consisting of a two milk dumplings in a rather naughty and sweet syrup.

If you love Indian food and you have a sense of adventure for new flavours and delightful dishes then this is the place for you, there is not doubt in my mind that Scarlett and I will be back in the near future.

Why you ask? Well simply because nowhere else competes or even comes close to the all round superb experience of the restaurant.

Sea Spice – Exotic Indian Cuisine


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