How To Make Your Phone A Stylish Accessory

With accessories in all walks of life becoming more and more sophisticated, we need to remember what is most important to us in terms of those everyday essentials which normally includes either our car, wallet or phone.

Phones are nowadays the most used, interactive and important piece of equipment we have, which is why I have been concerned about my personal Apple iPhone 6s.

I use my phone like any other person, for business, social media and for taking pictures. It gets a fair bit of a work on a day to day basis from when I get up at 05:00 to when I go to bed eventually around 22:00.

So I thought since my phone looks after me, maybe I should treat it to a bit of an upgrade and to make that essential item in my life look the part – as it plays the part for me. Anything you own that has importance in your life, you will naturally give it the best you can!

My iPhone was looking a bit dull and boring so I went with a new style of phone case, one not being enough as I couldn’t choose between the two I most loved, I ended up getting both.

Choosing between the Mojovo White Marble Back Case and the Vintage Two Tone Black/Navy Leather Wallet was a rather difficult choice as I am a big fan of both of the designs and colours. Luckily for me I have two phones, one for work and one for social use. So a perfect situation to be in, in terms of being able to use both.


What’s great about having a very unique and identifiable phone is that I don’t get it mixed up with my girlfriends! Which has happened on a few occasions.

I haven’t even needed to ask people what they think of my new phone cases as I have had them approach me and interrupt me even just to find out where they can get the same one.

In the case of this with no pun intended I felt it was only right I write a post on where to find them and show to my audience what great choice is available and what I went with.

Luckily for you Snakehive not only have a range of fantastic quality and designed cases for the Apple iPhone, they have incorporated their styling into a wider market, so they have everything you need if you’re a Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Microsoft/Nokia user and the list does indeed carry on!

One more thing, they don’t just offer phone cases, need one for your tablet I hear you say? Well they have those too! Everything you can think of under one roof. Make your device stand out from the crowd and do it the Snakehive way.


* * *


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