Essential Shaving Products For A British Gent

Beards are well and truly in fashion at the moment and have been for a few years now, sporting the occasional beard however I lean towards the designer stubble look.

With this said I feel in order to keep it looking crisp and sharp I wouldn’t look anywhere else than the product that I have been using recently off the back of recommendations from friends.

This inspired me to have a quick look to see what all the hype was surrounding this very affordable and stylish shaving kit, which I can more than vouch for does the job to a high and very satisfying standard.

Cornerstone give you the ability to design your grooming experience in three simple steps.

First visit their website which is both clean and easy to navigate, upon clicking on the ‘how it work’ tab you can see the three steps which filled me with confidence when looking them up to see how professional they were.

  1. ‘Customise your plan’ which we will touch on later as it is very exciting.
  2. ‘We deliver, you shave’ allows you the freedom of not worrying about running out of blades or products on a date you agree – which I add is free!
  3. ‘Flexible’ affording you the ease of not taking a delivery one week if you are away on holiday or simply not at home, the ability to pause a delivery can be perfect for those of you who have busy and irregular schedules. Cancellation at any point is another important feature of the plan and this gives you the confidence that you’re using a quality brand that will be no doubt on everyone’s shaving wish list. Changing your mind on choice of products is also easy and can be sorted in just a few clicks.

Having to shave is a task I actually enjoy, in the past I had to shave everyday for my job as I was part of the military for 5 years – the Royal Marines to be precise – so it is quite enjoyable to be able to sport a bit of stubble or even beard if I’m feeling it. I have used my fair share of razors in the past and tried and tested a fair few different brands, if only I had came across this brand sooner!

Results are fantastic and second to none, whether it’s that close shave you’re looking for or some top grade shaving products at a reasonable £30.00 including that free delivery I mentioned – I simply can’t see where you can go wrong.

Products range from pre-shave face scrub which a firm favourite of mine to shave gel or cream, customisable to your personal choice. Finally they offer a post-shave balm which is a must for not developing sensitive skin or the dreaded post shave rash which inevitably lands you with dry skin. Not cool, however the balm will aid in curing the side effects of your daily, week or monthly grooming.

Which leads me on nicely to the first option you’ll be presented with when you ‘get started’.

Option one is for you more hard core daily shavers, those guys who need to look sharp and presentable with that professional look at all times. They will provide you with one box of their bespoke shaving products and blades every six weeks. Aimed at those of you who shave between 5-7 days a week.

Option two is labelled the ‘now & then’ which is for you more average guy whom shaves between 2-4 days in a week. They again will send you at your convenience a box every 12 weeks.

Option three is your ‘not so often’ type of guy, so as I see more and more guys wearing their big and stylish beards around the city I see them suiting this preference as the most suitable. Providing you with the box of essentials every 18 weeks.

Customising your shaver to add that personal touch to you is also an extra feature in Cornerstones armoury, selecting your initials makes your shaver unique to you.

Selecting a new shaving brand and product look no further and honestly give them a try, shaving can be expensive and I know that first hand so why not try something that is a little bit unique and to be perfectly honest a fantastic product which looks great, is affordable and provides you with that finish you’re after.




  1. April 18, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    The Post-Shave Balm is so good and cooling! Great post as per buddy!

    • yourbritishgent
      April 26, 2017 / 7:49 pm

      Thank you very much dude, I’m glad you enjoyed the read!

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