What Is In Store For The Future Of Cars

Let’s talk about the need for electric mobility – with an ever changing world which is evolving quicker than we can sometimes keep up with, the need for accessibility for these changes need to become readily available. The NewMotion chargepoint may just be the answer to all of your modern day car worries.

One of which is hybrid/electric cars. They tick all the boxes, whether you’re speaking about your inner city commuter car or your modern day hybrid super car. Performance is no longer a problem for the car brands such as Elon Musk’s Tesla. Which with his new pre-launch of the Tesla Model 3 he yet again sets the bar and precedent for the new age of affordability, range and performance. Any petrol head would be forgiven for thinking that the figures that he has promised to deliver are beyond impressive.

With petrol/fuel stations being a stable structure in the world the only way to compete with the combustion engine world would be to introduce the charge points necessary to keep up with the demand for these new revolutionary vehicles.

50,000 have been installed in Europe alone to cope with the impending surge of the new age hybrid car collection. With them being placed around easy to charge and locate places such as shopping centres and car parks of different multitudes, for example I see them popping up in train station car parks so that the commuters can charge their car whilst at work, rather than go to a petrol station to fill up once a week it makes more sense to plug in and let the charging point do it’s job whilst you’re away from your car. Simple, easy and effective.

In my own opinion on whether I would ever take the jump from normal combustion engines to a fully electric car I would have to say that I am a realist and I believe that in the future there will be no option other than making that switch. It may not be for another 10-20 years but I believe it will eventually be a reality and we will all have to adapt, however as a whole by that time comes around and you could even argue now that it wouldn’t be much of problem for people to make the switch. I personally am excited at the combination between the normal combustion engine and the electric motor/s that work alongside it. It will be a shame one day to change the pure sound of power with the silence of electric but to be honest that age is probably upon us already and introduced into some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

So would I make the jump, yes. However the figures on performance would have to be right for me to do so. With Elon Musk figures it’s hard to argue as they are up there and if not beyond what standards the top car company’s set.

The scary thing about it all is that the hybrid electric motors are still very much in their infancy and with more research, testing and support they could quite visibly surpass the combustion cars power source.


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