My name is David Mitchell and I have started my blog after leaving the Royal Marines in 2015, I felt I would do something different for 2016. I am 26 years of age and my inspiration to start this blog has come from the influence of Scarlett, my girlfriend. Who has a very exciting and interesting blog – Scarlett London.

I have always had a keen interest in photography, this manifested itself when Scarlett asked me to take pictures for her blog and Instagram. She suggested that I should give this a go, so here I am and I feel as though I have developed my style of pictures over the past few years.

I’m interested in travel, cars, motorbikes, food (obviously) and menswear.

You can look forward to a few posts in 2017 that link all of the above, having been to Disneyland Paris which was interesting to say the least I have also had the opportunity to test drive Mini’s brand new Mini Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman which would be my ideal and dream job which is to review and critique cars on the market.

After holiday’s to Thailand and Mexico in 2016 we have already pencilled in getaways to Athens and the Dominican Republic in 2017, which you can look forward to in the first half of this year. Scarlett will be accompanying me on these rather exciting adventures and that’s the best part of it all, getting to travel the world with my best friend and girlfriend!

A trip to Devon near to where I used to live is another exciting escapade, stay tuned for more travel, food, fashion posts.